ALDI Spain

Ad Campaign

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Aldi spain wanted to create new brand mascots in the form of two lovable furry puppets.

Using their names 'AL and DI' as a starting point, we designed two characters that would represent the simplicity of the brand.

monster puppets

We worked closely with the brilliant teams at both VML and Aldi Spain to design and develop the puppets.

After much experimentation with various routes, it was decided Aldi's two tone blue colour scheme would best represent the brand. We chose a super soft, cuddly fur fibre to fabricate both puppets for that extra lovable vibe. In order to retain the sense of simplicity, we didn't want to over complicate the design and opted for simple bead eyes. Each puppet's name was fabricated from super soft fur and stitched onto the torso. We built many duplicate puppet versions of AL and DI, to allow different styles of puppets to be implemented at various points in the campaign such as typical 'hand and rod' puppets for general use or 'bunraku style' versions for trickier shots.

film puppets
Image © Aldi

The final puppets appeared across many different medias, from TV commercials to social media and print campaigns.

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