I Like It Like That

piggy puppet
pig puppet
Image © Aldi

For Aldi's latest commercial, we created a bespoke Piggy Bank puppet in their ongoing series of adverts 'I Like it Like That'

This campaign wanted to highlight certain Aldi products that were on offer at the time, illustrating how consumers can save money and therefore keep a bit more money in their piggy bank.

Starting with 2D illustrations to test out shapes and characters, the client wanted to keep a very generic piggy bank aesthetic so that the puppet would be instantly recognisable as one, even though it is a puppet. We initially looked at creating a foam and fleece hand puppet, but decided this wouldn't give that solid texture piggy banks usually have. So, we went for a latex version which would be painted in a similar way.

aldi puppet
latex puppet

The puppet was initially sculpted in clay before taking a mould. Afterwards we cast the final puppet in latex before being airbrushed to effect. Additionally, we gave the piggy a pair of hand blown glass eyes.

Of course, a piggy bank needs coins! But not any old coins - we digitally designed and printed bespoke gold coins featuring Aldi's A logo. To give the piggy his own character we gave him a collar with one of the Aldi coins as his tag.
The resulting prop was used on Aldi's TV advert and shown nationwide in the UK.

clay sculpt
The clay sculpt
tv props
The custom gold Aldi coin