Terje Johnsen

Einar Film / Telia

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Image © Telia Norway

Working with Norweigian production company, Einar Film, we created this new puppet character for an advertising campaign across Norway.

We were approached by the production company in order to create a new mascot for Norweigian mobile network company, Telia. The client had already decided the new character's name (Terje Johnsen) as well as his potential persona - a cool 70's inspired man. Our task was to provide a visual design solution for Terje and construct the final puppets.

Working in communication with the director, Aksel Hennie, we first created a series of 2D digital sketches to hone in on the aesthetic and facial features to grasp the character identity most relevant to the client's expectation . Many variations were produced, but in the end we aimed for a silver haired guy with prominent moustache and defining eyebrows.

The next challenge was to built two of these characters in 3D puppet form... in just 6 days! Our team worked hard to fabricate both characters, including manufacturing a moving eyebrow mechanism for each puppet. We were very pleased with the result and both puppets flew off on time to Norway, ready for filming to commence.

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Image © Telia Norway
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