Format B: Chunky

Custom designed chicken puppet for filming.

chicken puppet

Meet Benny Hahn - the rebel rooster! German tech-house band, Format B, released their single 'Chunky', along side the music video which starred Benny the Chicken.

Our brief for this custom puppet was to create a simple, clean design. This allowed the puppet's personailty to exuberate and take on this anarchic role. Our puppet builders used different textured furs and fibres and purposely gave the character a 'washed through' look, at the request of our client, to add to it's cool rooster persona - he is a DJ after all!

The official video on YouTube, which features the chicken puppet we designed and made, recieved high praise and rave reviews. The music itself was a hit with radio stations and club nights - with the chicken puppet himself even making some appearances on both radio and live events! The music video was produced/directed by Bold + the Surrender Monkeys for Ministry of Sound Records.

All images copyright Ministry of Sound Records.

music video puppet
music video puppet