Blauer Bock

blue goat
Image © Blauer Bock/ Kelterei Wilhelm Höhl Hochstadt GmbH & Co. KG

We worked with the talented creatives at agency to design this new goat film puppet for Blauer Bock. were working on a new campaign for Blauer Bock - a German beverage company producing Apfelwein (Apple Cider). The company was looking for a new mascot to represent their brand and target a fresh audience by utilising videos and image posts across various social media platforms.

goat hand puppet

We collaborated with the creatives to produce many sketches and digital mockups, honing in on the goat's personality and aesthetic. The client wanted to keep the design fairly simple, whilst maintaining his 'cool' persona. Starting with the initial sketches and working right through to the fabrication of the final puppet, the finished result came in the form of a carved foam puppet, fabricated in a textured blue fur. We custom cast the eyes to give life to the design and sculpted a pair of goat-like horns for added contrast in texture.

advertising puppet
mascot character
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