TV Commercial

marmite puppets
Image © Marmite/ Unilever

Our task was to design two new characters for Marmite's latest campaign - they had to be cool, funny and appealing to the target audience: Gen Z.

Marmite is renowned for its love or hate it slogan and this campaign was created to people who have never tried Marmite before, primarily Gen Z. They wanted to show them how to spread and eat Marmite in a funny and engaging way - hence the title: Tips for First Timers.

marmite puppets

We started by producing several rounds of 2D sketches to test what works for the concept. After much experimentaion with possible characters we arrived at two complimentary designs. As part of the design process, we also wanted to choose interesting materials for the puppets to be made from. We selected a grey knit fabric and a textured cream teddy fur. The eyes were simple black beads. Each character had their own set of accessories and jewellery - including a hand stitched heart tattoo!

We designed the cream puppet as a rod version - allowing the arms to be controlled by rods attached to the wrists. The grey character was built as a glove hands puppet. This allowed their hands to be operated like a glove and pick up the product - including spreading Marmite with a knife.  

knitted puppet
knitted puppet
cool puppet
Images © Marmite/ Unilever

The final films were in the style of a music video, with fast paced electro beats, saucy shots and wonderful comedic timing - all brilliantly directed by the acclaimed Guy Shelmerdine. In addition to the television commercial, the ads were featured across various social media platforms and online content.

film puppets
professional puppet