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Image © Miro

We were tasked with designing and building a new mascot for online workspace platform, Miro.

Working closely with the great team at Miro, we brought to life a lovable furry yellow character to represent their brand.

puppets for film
Image © Miro

Our initial starting point for the character was that he would be neither human nor animal - something alien like - and most importantly they had to be lovable and relatable. Using Miro's iconic yellow branding colours, we created a range of 2D sketches to map out the character's features. We kept the aesthetic minimalist and clean, to allow the character to read well on camera. A super soft, textured yellow fur was chosen for the puppet's 'skin' to further hone in on it's lovable character. Contrasting against the fur, we custom cast the nose in latex and selected simple black bead eyes.

furry puppet
Image © Miro

Our team custom tailored the costumes from scratch. He was given a matching yellow T-Shirt with the custom printed Miro logo for extra brand visibility. The resulting puppet was a classic hand and rod style character, allowing for a range of live action puppetry movement. Two versions of the puppet was created to allow more options on set, as well as a range of interchangeable arms. The final films found the puppet in a variety of exciting and unusual scenarios - from appearing inside of a photocopier to hanging from the ceiling!

alien puppet
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puppet commercial
Image © Miro