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commercial puppet builders

Custom Puppet Makers for Visual Productions Worldwide

Puppets Magic Studio can work with you right the way through your project - from developing a concept artwork to finding the right puppeteer for your production. Simply give us a call and we can walk you through the steps in building your required character. All our TV puppets are handmade to order in our London Studio. We ship worldwide and work with production companies, film makers, puppeteers, theatrical shows and anyone interested in bespoke puppet figures. Our work has appeared on TV, Film and Stage productions across the world. Please take a look at our customer feedback pages for more information on our previous clientele.

professional puppets


Our conceptual artists can provide their expertise at the design phase. We have vast experience in creating successful character designs for a range of productions.

black puppet

Fabrication/ Construction

All our professional puppet makers are trained sculptors and we put sculpture at the centre of our practice. We fabricate our work using materials suitable for HD filming, so that your unique puppet will look great anywhere, anytime.

music video


We can provide production advice and support throughout your project, having ample experience in all aspects of puppetry. Our puppet wrangling service will give you peace of mind on set.





hand puppet

What we do


We consider sculpture as one of the most prominent components of the process in building a puppet. The head and body sculpt are most often formed in foam, latex or silicone.


Highlight features such as noses or eyes can be custom cast from a variety of materials like resin or latex, if required.


We can also design and insert mechanical or animatronic facial movements, which are all entirely custom made for every individual puppet.


Puppets can be fabricated in a number of synthetic fibres or furs and the costumes can be custom tailored to individual specifications.


Our characters are built to high standards from the inside out, to ensure your props are reliable and stress-free when on set.


We can offer production support throughout the puppet build. This often starts with auditioning and finding the right puppeteer.

A Complete in House Design and Build Service for Professional Puppet Characters.

The studio can provide a complete design service, most often taking the form of initial 2D concept artworks and line drawings. We can also create fully rendered colour illustrations, working with you throughout the process to invent a character that reflects your projects concept and meets your expectations. Some projects require 3D designs and our studio is capable of providing a full model and maquette making service to suit the requirements.

puppet maker
Filming with puppets
foam puppet heads
Ugly Sister Heads for Cinderella in progress.
lobster puppet
A Lobster Puppet gets the finishing touches to its body.
puppet sculpts
Puppet foam heads just before fabrication.
puppet build
Puppet eye blinks in progress.

Shoot for the Stars

We create contemporary, HD-Film quality professional puppets.

Our designers are trained sculptors with backgrounds in Fine Art and we put traditional practices of making at the centre of our work. Puppets are special because they are physical, three-dimensional, tactile objects and their materiality is one of the core features to their presence on screen or stage. Our puppet makers are more than happy to discuss ideas for your project, so please feel free to get in touch.

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We can provide on set support for your production.

creature suit costume
A creature suit costume gets the finishing touches on set.

We have worked with many productions - from television programmes through to live stage performances. This experience has led us to work with a range of performers and we can recommend the right one to fit your concept. We can also advise on working with puppets, particularly in terms of filming. Filming with puppets is different to filming with people. It requires a different set-up and an understanding of how puppets are operated. We can work with your production team, crew and puppeteers to provide support on or off set. Another specialist service our studio can offer is puppet wrangling. A puppet wrangler maintains and looks after puppets on set, in between takes. They should preferably be a custom puppet maker and have an in depth knowledge of how a puppet is built - from the inside out. This means they will then be able to ensure your puppet character is maintained in all the correct ways. The puppet wranger would keep the character looking its best on set, ready to be filmed (i.e. keeping the hair in place, making sure the costume is sitting correctly). This is paramount to having a stress-free, smooth running filming schedule. Simply contact us and we would be more than happy to talk you through the options.


itv puppets
Two puppets we designed for ITV's Tonight at the London Palladium.

Our studio accepts work on a commissioned basis and whilst we primarily work with commercial productions, we are just as happy to create characters for individual collectors or independent film makers.

We very occasionally have custom puppets in stock. These are designed 'in house' by our designers and made in between commissions. From concept artwork to completed puppet, these puppets are built in the same high quality style as our made-to-order characters - contact us for more information.