Bradley Walsh: When Dummies Took Over The World

ITV/ Syco Entertainment

custom made puppet
lookalike puppet

We were approached by Syco Entertainment to create a new puppet made in the likeness of Bradley Walsh for an upcomming ITV special.

This television documentary was a tribute and history of some of the UK's most influentual ventriloquist acts and featured one-off interviews and archive footage. The well known presenter, Bradley Walsh, hosted the programme and met with some of the remaining ventriloquists from time gone by.

bradley walsh

As well as meeting and hearing from some of the top puppet performers, Bradley also wanted to have a go at ventriloquism himself - what a better 'sidekick' than his very own mini Bradley! We set to work on building a soft sculpture puppet for Bradley to operate. The puppet was sculpted in foam and fabricated to specification, along with a custom suit to match the real Bradley's usual attire. This puppet was made in a ventriloquist style, with an opening at the back to allow Bradley to insert a hand and perform standing along side the puppet. We had a great time creating this character!

tv puppets