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27 Oct 2016

Corporate Puppets

muppet style puppets

Sometimes simplicity is the best. We were recently comissioned to design and make twelve puppets for a series of corporate films. The client wanted clean lined, minimalist in style puppets, with moving mouths - a popular style used on many television programmes. Here is one of the twelve characters we made. It is always great to design a set of puppets in this style - awesome!

17 Oct 2016

Hello, Dear!

granny puppet

This old gal was great to build - from the initial concept artworks right the way through to the construction of the character. We gave this cheeky old lady a sculpted face and her costume was completely custom tailored in our studio. Big shout out to our fabrication team for pulling this one off. Oh and to our mechanical designer for those big eyebrows that can raise up and down... depending on her mood!

19 Sep 2016

Some Characters with...The Vamps!

the vamps

Earlier this year we designed and built some old lady puppets for ITV's 'Tonight at the London Palladium', Audrey and Alice. These two old ladies (who you can see in the centre of the photo) worked in the Theatre's kiosk. They got a great surprise when they met the pop band 'The Vamps', who performed on the show. Dressing up from wig to toe in the Vamps's mechandise, Audrey and Alice are The Vamps's biggest fans... ever!

12 Sep 2016

Our Latest Project

man puppet

We set off to Wapping, London to take some shots of this guy - a character we designed and built based on a client's photograph. We shot this in a bustling part of East London, near the River Thames. It is always fascinating to see the reactions puppets get when filming. People stopped and looked on, waiting - almost as if a piece of theatre was about to start! This is always fantastic to see. Perhaps if you're ever around London and you see some funny looking characters being filmed, we may just be behind them!

05 Sep 2016

A London Photoshoot

black puppet

One of our latest character designs. This custom 'rude boy' puppet was developed by our team from the inital 2D concept, through to final fabrication.

05 Sep 2016

Captain Travel

alien puppet

Last year we set to work on a puppet for Disney Maker Studios and Transcendent Films. This wonderfully designed alien puppet was created for a TV Pilot. Having a sculpted head with two mouths, this guy was a challenge to build; the entire costume was custom tailored from scratch. However, the most changelling part was the fact that we only had one week for the build! (we can offer a very fast turn around for projects which have tight timescales!).

03 Sep 2016

The Best Part Of The Process

puppet designer

Our studio has many stages during producing bespoke characters, one of those being the design phase. Good character design can take many forms; it can be either a quick scribble or a fully rendered illustration.