TV Commercial

elf puppet
Image © Vodafone

For Vodafone's Christmas campaign we created this knitted elf toy for their latest commercial titled 'Elf Trap'

Vodafone wanted us to take their exisiting digital elf and create a new interpretation that appeared like a well-loved stuffed toy.

vodafone elf advert
Image © Vodafone

The process started with many 2D sketches to find the right character for the elf. It was important to the film that the elf felt like a real children's toy and not a professionally made model. For that purpose we wanted to ensure the elf had a sense of naivety and simplicity. We created two versions of the elf - a stuffed toy that the child actor could swing around like a typical doll and a second version that had an internal armature. The armature version allowed it to be positioned on set for shots that didn't require movement.

The final film was a charming story of a girl who tries to catch santa on camera, with the help of her favourite elf toy. The commercial was directed by Vince Squibb and appeared on television throughout the festive season and across social media channels.

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